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By ベルちぁん

my heart…>3 

Everyone says fall is beautiful but it shouldn’t be because the trees and bushes are dying.

They’re not dying, they’re just taking off their make up, just like you do before you go to sleep.

Then when they wake up they regrow their leaves, or put their makeup back on.



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LOOK AT THE DOG - me every time there is a dog regardless of the situation (via guy)

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ugh i want sims so bad.

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Only 27 hours until Sims 4! :D


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Saying see you later to all my @TheSims 3 babies! It’s not farewell, just see you soon! (I have all games, insta just makes me cut them off.) #TheSims #TheSims3 #TheSims4 #Games
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At the bank n stuff. #selfie #me #myself #hashtags #lol
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Chinese food time! :) 👌🍜🍚 #selfie #husband #yum
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New Teemo slippers to keep my feet warm while I play #League! 😋 #LeagueofLegends #Teemo #cute